West Bend, Wisconsin


2013 Best Small Towns in America

Contest ends:  September 3, 2013

2508 Votes - "Best for Geocaching"
15 Votes - "Most Beautiful"
15 Votes - "Friendliest"
4 Votes - "Most Fun"
2 Votes - "Best For Food"
1 Votes - "Most Patriotic"
Our seventh Cache Ba$h in August of 2014 was just posted 20 days ago and we already have over 230 teams and over 400 geocacher's registered to attend. We know how to treat our visitors! Established in 1845, West Bend is also known for art, architecture, lakes, hiking trails and the natural beauty of it's rolling hills and the Kettle Moraine forest. Every year West Bend hosts the Cache Ba$h Mega Event bringing thousands of geocacher's to the community for fun and adventure. With over 1,260 caches hidden within a 10 mile radius of the community and over 1,800 in a 15 mile radius, there are hides for geocacher's of every level. From tough multi-caches to friendly ADA compliant caches, there's plenty to bring you back again and again. It not by accident that West Bend is named the "Geocaching Capital of the Midwest".
Reviewed by Albanycg10
on September 24, 2013
Not one of the other communities in the running can boast a geocaching Mega Event. On August 9th and 10th over 900 teams from 33 states and 6 countries attended the 6th West Bend $1,000 Cache Ba$h. West Bend, Wisconsin is the Geocaching Capital of the Midwest and the only small town to host a Mega Geocaching Event every year since 2008. With over 1260 caches within a 10 mile radius, it stands above the competition. Register on geocaching.com. for next year's event: GC3WQ0R. Geocacher's visit here all 365 days of the year and if they look for two caches every day, it will take them almost two years to find them all and by that time there will be several hundred new caches hidden. :-)
Reviewed by baymontsvp
on September 24, 2013
Congratulations West Bend for coming in first in the voting!This is a community that understands geocacher's. There were signs in all the store windows welcoming us, how cool is that? We have been to many Mega Events, but this was the best we ever attended. The program book we received even had the GPS coordinates of all the restaurants and stores listed in it. We came all the way from California and we have reserved our rooms to return next year.
Reviewed by pammy1
on September 18, 2013
West Bend brought the O.C.B. to their Mega Event. I had heard about it, but had never seen it. Wow, the Holy Grail of geocaching! I got my 2,000th find on an "evil monkey" cache at this years Cache Ba$h... talk about fun.
Reviewed by k.dog
on September 18, 2013
West Bend now has 1,260 caches in a 10-mile radius of the city! If you go to 15 miles, it's 1,860! No other place in America comes close. Every year they hold Wisconsin's only geocaching mega-event. In fact, it's only one of only about a dozen in the whole country, and it's the only one that happens EVERY year! Thousands of people come and can't wait to return again the next year! They've got easy caches, hard caches, caches that are ADA approved - geocaching in West Bend is for everybody. It's something they work hard on improving all year long, so it's not just a one-weekend-a-year sport here! You might have to climb a tree, solve a puzzle, go diving in a pond, visit a chicken coop... you'll never get bored geocaching in West Bend. It's so well established that all the businesses are eager to welcome geocachers with signs and discounts, even the police know what geocachers are up to and encourage their hunting! Cachers who've traveled the world say there's just no comparison to West Bend.
Reviewed by katepilchbarnet
on September 16, 2013
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